• Jasmine Styles


At 5:30 p.m. every Monday though Friday, a warm, “Hey there, I’m Jasmine Styles,” resonates from televisions across Southeast Texas.

This is a much different Jasmine than the one her mother remembers. 5-year-old Jasmine had a lisp and a hard time making friends. She would run back to her mother Tonja, close to tears after other kids wouldn’t play with her. She calmed her down and coached her on how to make a new friend, “Just say, ‘Hi, I’m Jasmine. Would you like to play?”

After Jasmine learned that trick she just wouldn’t shut up. Between learning to make friends and intensive speech classes in 3rd grade to lose her lisp, Jasmine was the mouth of the south. Grade school classmates tapped Jasmine to always be the group project leader and talk in front of the class. At the end of the 2003 school year, her TV Production colleagues gave her two superlatives: Most Likely to Host Entertainment Tonight and Most Likely To Be A Talk Show Host.

Fast forward many years and lessons later, in 2012, Jasmine graduated with a Bachelors of Arts degree in Media/Communications from Florida State University and a minor in journalism from Florida A&M University as part of their co-op program.

Immediately after graduation, Jasmine was accepted to the Gannett (now TEGNA) Talent Development Program and began her career as a multimedia journalist in Columbia, South Carolina at WLTX.

About a year after she started, Jasmine was promoted to reporter for News19 Saturday Morning where she pioneered the role for the new show.She reported live from the best eateries around the Midlands and kept viewers away from the ones with bad grades every Thursday on Restaurant Report Card.

Jasmine now anchors the 5:30 p.m. and 9 p.m. shows on FOX 4 in Beaumont, Texas. In her first year, Jasmine created a bi-weekly segment called Fit Fridays, where she helped viewers find ways to improve their bodies through exercise and food. In 2017, Jasmine decided to host a weekly segment called Motivational Monday, where she chats with a local motivational speaker to give viewers a feel good way to kick off their work week.

She also organized three live debates in contentious Sheriff races, one of which Jasmine earned a Southeast Texas Press Club Award. She also took her passion for students and started her own reporting franchise called Education Matters. As a main anchor, Jasmine continued to hone her field reporting skills. She covered the July 2016 police shootings in Dallas and Baton Rouge where she provided content for Sinclair Broadcast Group stations across the country.

Besides the in and outs of the career she loves, getting to know viewers is Jasmine’s favorite part.

Whether she sees viewers after hosting a community event, the Checkers drive-thru, or the neighborhood Kroger, it always reaffirms her passion for journalism.

"You’re exactly what we see on TV, except you’re a lot shorter than I imagined,” One elderly couple stopped Jasmine in line at a pharmacy and said, ‘It’s like you’re in our house every night.’"

Comments like that not only solidify Jasmine’s role as a trusted news leader, but a welcomed guest in homes near and far.